Tipping Etiquette

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What is the proper amount to tip the barber, the cab driver, room service, and similar situations?

Tipping Etiquette

Tipping guidelines:

- Barber: $2-3.
- Taxi, limo, paid shuttle, or van driver: 15% of the total fare, but no less than $1. Tip up to 20% for extra service like helping with your luggage or making extra stops.
- Driver of courtesy shuttle: $1-$2 per bag if the driver helps with the bags.
- Porter or skycap: $2 per bag. Tip more if the bags are heavy.
- Room Service: 15-20% of total charge unless gratuity is included, in which case tip nothing or $1.
- Maid service: $1-5 per day, up to $10 per day if you make a big mess. Tip daily and leave the tip on your pillow.
- Food server: 15-20%
- Bartender: 15-20% or $1 per drink.

For more tipping etiquette, check out: http://www.findalink.net/tippingetiquette.php



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