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What is flaming?


It is extremely rude to flame people in chat. Flaming is using inflammatory or abusive language. If you find yourself getting upset or angry, simply make your excuses, and quit the session.

Should I use capital letters during a chat?

Capital Letters

The use of capital letters is considered a sign of "shouting" on the net. Avoid using this method of getting your point across.

What are the basics of e-mail etiquette?

Basic E-Mail Etiquette

Other basics of e-mail etiquette include:

Always identify yourself in the subject line
Be careful when forwarding anything. M Be courteous. Don't swear or use obscenities in e-mails.
Ask the proposed recipient first, if they really want to see pictures of your Great Aunt Agatha.
Respond to your e-mails promptly.
Keep your inbox cleared of opened e-mails.

Is it polite to use chat lingo in front of newbies?

Chat Lingo

If you use the abbreviated signs and symbols of chat, please be sensitive to the fact, newbies may not have a clue as to what you are saying. When in doubt ask.

What are some etiquette tips for chat sessions?

Chat rooms

During chat sessions, allow enough time for the other person to respond before jumping in again. If you are in a forum, where it is moderated, instead of interrupting the session, use a ?. This will let the moderator know, you have a question. Or a ! for a comment. This helps everyone focus on the topic without interruption.

What are basic rules of e-mail etiquette?

E-Mail Basic Etiquette

The first rule of E-mail etiquette is : Don't Spam! There is nothing more impolite and annoying, then to receive unsolicited e-mails from people you don't know.

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