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Should I try and learn my visitors language?

foreign Language

it is very good manners to try and learn a few simple words and phrases, in your visitors language. This says volumes about how much you care for their friendship.

What should I talk about with visitors from other countries?


Unless you have known your visitors for some years, avoid making comments about the politics, customs and mores of their country. Show friendly sincere interest in the things they do tell you. Seek the common ground we all have: children, in-laws, work and life in general.

When meeting visitors from other countries, how do I avoid mistakes?

Respecting Differences

When meeting friends from different cultures, it is important not to prejudge the way they live. If inviting them to your home, make certain to ask about religious/dietary customs. What might seem trivial to you, may be very important to them.

Why should I bother to learn about other cultures?


Don't ever assume, because you are American, that any other culture is inferior. Every culture has it's treasure trove of wisdom. Use the opportunity to be a mini ambassador. Word of your behavior will travel farther than you might imagine.

What can I serve my Muslim friends?

Foreign Dietary Etiquette

When entertaining friends from Muslim or Jewish countries, please make sure you understand the dietary restrictions thoroughly. Most Muslims can not eat pork or meat, not labelled Hallal. It would be much wiser to offer tea , fruit and pastries.

Should I ask my Muslim friend to change her way of dressing?

Cultural Dress

One of the rudest things you can do, is to try and change a foreign visitors way of dressing. Please be aware that in many countries, the dress code is part of their religious/social life.

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