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Should I comb my hair at my desk?


Save your hair combing, teeth flossing and other grooming chores for the restroom. It is very bad manners to do these things in public.

Do you have any tips for management on etiquette?

Saying Thank You

If you are in a management position, it is wise to preface requests with a please, and to say thank you when a task is complete. Try and recognise accomplishments and minimise failures when possible.

Should I use the office phones for personal phone calls?

Telephone Etiquette

It is very discourteous to use the office telephones for personal reasons. Unless you have a true emergency, save personal phone calls for breaks or lunchtimes.

Why is Good Grooming Important in Business?

Good Hygeine

One of the most basic tenets of etiquette is the practice of good grooming. Your clothing, hair and shoes should be clean and in good repair. A shower before going to the office will help avoid causing discomfort to coworkers. Avoid the use of heavy colognes in an office setting.

Should I discuss my divorce at the office?

Personal Life

Keep your personal life private. Your marital or financial woes don't belong in an office setting.

What is office etiquette?

Simple Courtesy

Show simple courtesy at the office. Don't take extended break times. Be courteous to fellow employees.And always pull your fair share of the work load.

Should I make an example of a bad employee?

Raised Voices

Don't ever publicly humiliate or raise your voice to an employee. Not only is this extremely rude, it is very bad for business.

What is the best way to make a good impression at the office?

Office Dress For Success

Often, when first employed, we are on a budget. A good way to maximise your dollar power, and still dress for success, is to choose fabrics wisely. Buy pure cotton, linen or wools for the office. These natural fibers are timeless and make a statement about your commitment to presenting a polished appearance. Buy one very good pair of leather shoes to start, adding more as you can.

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