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What do I tell my children about the funeral?


If there are young children, left by the deceased, encourage them to behave well. Explain that this is a public goodbye to their parent, and they would want them to be proud. Have them shake hands with visitors, and then sit quietly with the survivng parent.

When should I visit my newly widowed friend?


Please respect the privacy of those in mourning. Alsways call and offer your condolences. Ask if there is anything you can do to help out. Allow them the time to absorb the shock and deal with their loss.

How do I handle funeral home visitors?


If you are the direct relative of the deceased, greet visitors quietly, and encourage them to sign the guestbook. If this is simply too much for you, appoint a family member or friend to do this for you.

Should children come to the funeral home for the viewing?

Children and Viewing

Very young children should not be present at the viewing. They are often unable to understand what has happened. The last thing anyone wants to cope with, is the sight and sound of a screaming, frightened child.

How can I assist my friends at the funeral service?


If someone you know is newly widowed, and you are close friends, offer to lend support at the funeral. Helping them maintain composure and get through the service, is a beautiful way to celebrate your friendship. Offer to see to the disposal of flowers, gathering up cards and guestbook.

How do I conduct eulogy?

Giving a Eulogy

Make certain you feel comfortable giving a eulogy. Keep it simple and from the heart. Touch on tender, funny or memorable moments you shared in life. Speak slowly and clearly, making eye contact with members at the service. This is NOT a time to bring up old disputes or character flaws, even presented humorously.

Is it bad manners to cry and scream at funerals?

Public Mourning

One of the most difficult times in ones life occur during the funeral service of a loved one. Try to remember that excessive displays of public grief impact everyone. If you feel you are losing control, have someone help take you aside to compose yourself in private.

How long should eulogies be?

Eulogy Time Limits

If there is going to be more than one speaker for the Eulogy, ask everyone to keep their talk to 5 minutes or less.

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