Appropriate Gifts

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How do I select the right gift?

Appropriate Gifts

Gifts should always be appropriate for the occasion. If in doubt, ask someone what is normally given. For instance, a hostess gift might be a decent bottle of wine or fresh flowers. A business gift should be impersonal. It is bad taste to give personal items in a business setting.



12/1/2007 4:31:18 PM said:

What would be the appropriate gift for a 7 year old (female) child's first ballet; professional ballet?

1/19/2008 5:16:28 PM
Laura said:

what is an appropriate gift for a godchild who has just received her BS from college?

11/12/2008 4:03:59 AM
Petula said:

Hey I'm on a Business Visit to US. I want to gift my client something appropriate. Please suggest

4/19/2009 6:35:43 PM
Donna said:

Can you give your instructor flowers at the end of the course and a Thank you Card?

9/30/2009 7:04:48 PM
Anna said:

What type of gift should I take to the hospital for a new born baby

9/27/2011 3:24:41 PM
Randall said:

Not a comment but another question. Q. Your business partner has a child in the hospital in critical condition. You want to do something to show you care but flowers and gift baskets seem so trivial at such an emotional time. Other than cards and prayers, what would be an appropriate gift?


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