Who makes the speeches at a wedding?

Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches are a way to toast the bride and groom and share stories about the happy couple.

Typically, the bride's father, the groom, and the best man all give speeches. On many occassions, the maid or matron of honor also gives a speech.

The father of the bride often speaks first, perhaps sharing stories of the bride growing up and how happy he is that his daughter has found a great husband. The father of the bride often offers advice to his new son-in-law and thanks all of the guests for coming.

The groom may also speak, often on behalf of his bride. The groom often thanks everyone for coming, thanks his new in-laws and of course, his beautiful new bride. This may also be a time for the groom to give tribute to any friends or family members who could not attend or who have passed away.

The best man will then toast the new couple. Many times there may be humorous stories of the best man and the groom. The best man may give some history of himself and the groom and then launch into how happy he is for the couple. The best man's speech is usually one of the most anticipated of the evening.

A strong majority of the time, the maid or matron of honor also gives a speech to toast the couple. This speech may be similar to that of the best man's but perhaps a bit more emotional.

When planning a wedding, it is entirely up to the bride and groom as to who they prefer to make wedding speeches. However, the people who typically do give speeches have been listed here.

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